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Environmentally Friendly Odor Control Products

avir logo 200Eliminating or controlling industrial air and water quality odors effectively and safely.

Avir Environmental LLC specializes in developing and manufacturing multiple, safe, and non masking solutions to all different types of industrial odors. Industrial odors will often have different composition characteristics from day to day and facility to facility. Combine this with changing weather pattersn and other variables there is a lot to account for. Avir Environmental has multiple cutting edge technologies to eliminate industrial odors safely combined with direct field knowledge solving real life industrial odor problems.

This adjustable approach allows Avir Environmental to assist the client in avoiding hazardous or chemicals, expensive emission control systems or masking fragrances by engineering unique and effective solutions. Avir Environmental is about delivering sound cost/benefit analysis, true efficacy in the field, and a suite of adjustable approaches depending on the variables of your industrial odor situation.

Avir Environental suite of solutions include chemical reaction products, hardy biological, and other oxidizing agents combined with sound delivery systems techniques depending on issue. Many Avir products operate on a level of oxidative reduction or destructive elimination of the odor molecule. All Avir products are engineered to be safe, non toxic, and biodegradabole water based products. We have the capability to create blends from both the acidic and alkaline side of contaminants base into one formula. This gives the client a broader coverage with less cost.

Our leadership team consists of over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and environmental remedation service work all types of odor solutions from industrial, commercial, and residential division as well. Give us a call or send an email so we can begin working on your issue.

At Avir Environmental we solve a broad range of air, water and surface contamination problems. Our family of non toxic, biodegradable odor neutralizers, water clarifiers, sludge reducers and surface cleaners employ natural bacterial, chemical or enzymatic reactions to quickly and safely remediate your cleanliness or odor control issues.

Review our product lines below to find your solution, read about our enzyme technology, or contact us any time to have your questions answered in person.

Avir’s chemistry and equipment options, coupled with 10+ years field experience, allows us to successfully implement cost effective solutions, often utilizing or modifying existing odor control hardware. In most instances, Avir products can replace air scrubbers and other extensive odor control equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Avir equipment can be installed or utilized for odor control purposes in pump stations, refineries, lagoon control, stack emissions, waste transfer stations, landfills and superfund remediation. Additionally, our portable tank degassing equipment can solve any type of fuel or ammonia issues in fixed tanks, aviation tanks, marine, pipeline, rail, and over the road tankers.

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