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Environmentally Friendly Odor Control Products

Avir's base raw material contains thousands of enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids and other proteins. Our goal is to pull as many of these available proteins out of the process as possible because this makes our enzyme technology effective on a wider variety of effluent types and in numerous applications.

Whether Avir Enzyme Technology is used in grease traps, for cleaning, for algae control in lakes or in a waste stream, what makes our products effective is their ability to work efficiently and successfully on a broad range of organic constituents. Furthermore, by carefully choosing and implementing high quality non-bacterial materials, we derive a product that is immediately active in all of these applications and is proven to dramatically speed up the natural degradation process.

Virtually every one of our competitors derives their products from the fermentation of bacteria. In order to remain stable in a finished commercial product, these bacteria are manufactured in a spore form. No matter the application, if the environmental conditions are favorable, spores require a minimum of 2 to 4 hours to germinate or become active. With limited holding time in a grease trap, for example, the bacteria may be washed down the drain well before they can effectively work on the grease in the trap.

Bacteria-based products tend to be very specific in nature, generally containing only five to seven strains of bacteria. As a result, bacteria become more limited in their function and are not nearly as efficient on the broader range of contaminants that may be present. This may cause an incomplete organic breakdown. This is not the case with the Avir Enzyme Technology because of the large spectrum of enzymes available.

enzymeAvir Enzyme Technology is also active in a much wider pH range than other bacterial products. Bacteria are most efficient in a range of five to seven. Our products are active in a pH range of three to twelve. In applications such as car wash, wastewater, pools, or grease traps pH ranges tend to vary but our products provide consistent long term results.

For safety concerns, please review our MSDS library.

At Avir Environmental we solve a broad range of air, water and surface contamination problems. Our family of non toxic, biodegradable odor neutralizers, water clarifiers, sludge reducers and surface cleaners employ natural bacterial, chemical or enzymatic reactions to quickly and safely remediate your cleanliness or odor control issues.

Review our product lines below to find your solution, read about our enzyme technology, or contact us any time to have your questions answered in person.

Avir’s chemistry and equipment options, coupled with 10+ years field experience, allows us to successfully implement cost effective solutions, often utilizing or modifying existing odor control hardware. In most instances, Avir products can replace air scrubbers and other extensive odor control equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Avir equipment can be installed or utilized for odor control purposes in pump stations, refineries, lagoon control, stack emissions, waste transfer stations, landfills and superfund remediation. Additionally, our portable tank degassing equipment can solve any type of fuel or ammonia issues in fixed tanks, aviation tanks, marine, pipeline, rail, and over the road tankers.

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