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Application Spotlight - Composting Odors

ocnz1avir no textThe combination of Avir's superior equipment and proven chemistry allowed complete neutralization of all odors at this composting facility.

This Avir system can be set for startup and shutdown at different times on a daily basis. Spray patterns can be set to spray in seconds or minutes, with the off times set in minutes and hours.

Industries and areas served include wastewater treatment, petro chemical, solid waste, compost, food processing, military, medical, aviation, and rail. Learn more about Avir's odor control equipment here.

Avir Natural Air odor neutralization product family is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Rather than masking or encapsulating, Avir Natural Air creates a chemical reaction converting the odor molecule to an inert amine (salt).

Avir Natural Air is effective for wastewater treatment plants; including pump stations and clarifiers. It is also effective for waste disposal facilities, composting, brownfield remediation, meat processing and many other industrial and agricultural odor issues.

Contact us to learn more or for MSDS documentation.

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For more detailed information, specific to your desired application, please download and read any of our PDF documentation below.

At Avir Environmental we solve a broad range of air, water and surface contamination problems. Our family of non toxic, biodegradable odor neutralizers, water clarifiers, sludge reducers and surface cleaners employ natural bacterial, chemical or enzymatic reactions to quickly and safely remediate your cleanliness or odor control issues.

Review our product lines below to find your solution, read about our enzyme technology, or contact us any time to have your questions answered in person.

Avir’s chemistry and equipment options, coupled with 10+ years field experience, allows us to successfully implement cost effective solutions, often utilizing or modifying existing odor control hardware. In most instances, Avir products can replace air scrubbers and other extensive odor control equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Avir equipment can be installed or utilized for odor control purposes in pump stations, refineries, lagoon control, stack emissions, waste transfer stations, landfills and superfund remediation. Additionally, our portable tank degassing equipment can solve any type of fuel or ammonia issues in fixed tanks, aviation tanks, marine, pipeline, rail, and over the road tankers.

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