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Application Spotlight - Wastewater Treatment

wastewateravir no textThe use of microorganisms is integral to conventional wastewater management. After primary treatment for settling out solids, wastewater is held in large aeration tanks. This allows bacteria to digest organic solids into their benign molecular constituents, making the water safe for discharge into the environment, after tertiary treatment.

Avir's Natural Water technology harnesses the power of bio-augmentation utilizing enzymes, bacteria and aeration to provide environmentally responsible and cost effective solutions to common wastewater issues including oil and grease, odor, sludge and out of compliance problems.

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of high waste loading in a wastewater treatment system a well rounded bioaugmentation program provides the wastewater system all the tools necessary to achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved plant stability
  • Odor control
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Control of Oil and Grease
  • Better sludge management
  • Improved BOD/COD removal.

banner water 600Avir Natural Water products achieve and sustain superior water quality without using harsh chemicals. Each incorporates active enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and trace minerals to break down organic matter and accelerate biological activity—thus enhancing lake and pond eco systems and/or pool and spa water clarity.

With our Natural Water products, water becomes truly conditioned to eliminate excess nutrients, inhibit the accumulation of bottom sludge, minimize odors, and remediate ammonia (NH3) and phosphorous (PO4) levels.

banner water pool 600All our Natural Water Products are fast-acting biodegradable maintenance solutions that are safe for people, pets, fish, and aquatic plants. When used as directed, these concentrates will improve overall water health and manageability season after season. On the other hand, temporary improvements realized by harsh chemical treatments are not sustainable, because they fail to treat these primary causes of poor water quality and clarity.

At Avir, we’re committed to providing our customers with comprehensive water management solutions that are environmentally friendly, along with superior customer service, fast delivery, and ongoing technical advice and support.

For more detailed information, specific to your desired application, please download and read any of our PDF documentation below.

Sludge Control
Water Clarity

At Avir Environmental we solve a broad range of air, water and surface contamination problems. Our family of non toxic, biodegradable odor neutralizers, water clarifiers, sludge reducers and surface cleaners employ natural bacterial, chemical or enzymatic reactions to quickly and safely remediate your cleanliness or odor control issues.

Review our product lines below to find your solution, read about our enzyme technology, or contact us any time to have your questions answered in person.

Avir’s chemistry and equipment options, coupled with 10+ years field experience, allows us to successfully implement cost effective solutions, often utilizing or modifying existing odor control hardware. In most instances, Avir products can replace air scrubbers and other extensive odor control equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Avir equipment can be installed or utilized for odor control purposes in pump stations, refineries, lagoon control, stack emissions, waste transfer stations, landfills and superfund remediation. Additionally, our portable tank degassing equipment can solve any type of fuel or ammonia issues in fixed tanks, aviation tanks, marine, pipeline, rail, and over the road tankers.

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